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Why Squint when you can tint

A Stylish Solution To Help Keep You Cool Behind The Wheel

 As anyone on the road will tell you, cars have become second homes for today’s consumers. Whether it’s an economy vehicle, family sedan, sport coupe or SUV, we’re all spending more time in our cars and keeping them for longer than ever before. Car manufacturers and aftermarket accessory companies are constantly scrambling to get out the latest and greatest products designed to make vehicles a more attractive and pleasant place to be.


One of the easiest and least expensive ways to add aesthetic enhancement, improve comfort and increase the interior protection of their vehicle is automotive window film. Professional quality window films instantly provide a unique, custom look for vehicles and come in a wide variety of colors. Consumers can work with their window film dealer to select the one that best complements their vehicle.


Manufactured with strong ultraviolet inhibitors, the films reject nearly all ultraviolet light, so passengers receive “sunscreen-like” protection, while the vehicle’s trim and fabric or leather upholstery is much less likely to fade. Plus, the solar control properties of automotive window film block significant amounts of solar energy, so the vehicle is cooler and more comfortable, even in the most severe climates. It’s important to note that not all window films are made alike. Solar control qualities and film life vary greatly from film to film, so cheaper is usually not better. There are many inexpensive films that may look appealing initially, but are likely to quickly change color, bubble or peel. Consumers should insist on a quality brand, such as SolarGard window films. All SolarGard films have ultra strong mounting adhesives and a special scratch-resistant coating, so they will look better, perform harder and last longer. Window films are professionally installed.


Window Tinting with Solar Gard Films

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Our Scratch resistant films ensure your complete satisfaction and comfort year after year. To prove it, all our films are backed by a lifetime warranty which covers bubbling, peeling, delaminating, adhesive failure and discoloration.

The Finest Selection

Our films are available in a variety of shades with different light transmission levels to satisfy local tint laws.

Reduce Your Exposure

The sun’s heat and damaging ultraviolet rays are the main causes of passenger discomfort and premature aging of you car’s interior. By rejecting up to 63 percent of the sun’s total solar energy and blocking almost 100 percent of damaging and harmful ultra rays, our window films function just like a sun screen—shielding you and your car from the sun’s damaging effects.

Computer Cut System

We use the most advanced computerized cutting system in the industry. We have over 1200 vehicle patterns in our database, and the number grows everyday. Our cutting process is more accurate, faster and efficient than the competition, resulting in savings and quality which are passed on to you.


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