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#1 Detail shop in Massachusetts & Southern New Hampshire

Wash Packages



At Jim's Auto we are dedicated to making your car look outstanding, maybe better than the day you made your purchase.


We offer detail package from a simple hand wash to high end detailing call        or stop in for an evaluation of your car today


Jim Goguen of Jim's Auto is the first and only certified detailer in the state of Massachusetts stop by and see why


Mega Wash

  • Clean Rims & Tires                

  • Hand Wash Exterior

  • Chamois Dry

  • Shine & Protect Tires

  • Vacuum / Dust Interior Console & Dash

  • Clean Glass Inside & Out


Wash n Gloss

  • Clean Rims & Tires                

  • Hand Wash Exterior

  • Chamois Dry

  • Shine & Protect Tires

  • Silica sealer applied adding gloss and up to 2 months protection

  • Clean Glass Inside & Out


Our interior cleaning service is like no other service around, after a deep vacuum is accomplished, your interior will be cleaned using our state of the art steam system. By cleaning your interior with this process, your interior will be cleaned and disinfected at the same time without using harsh chemicals to mask the problem. Then a high quality dressing will be applied or you may choose to upgrade to a premium leather conditioner, which is expressly formulated to enhance the appearance of interior leather and vinyl surfaces. Application of our premium conditioner will help make your interior look and feel like new. With proper care, leather seats can last a lifetime!

Wash n Gloss Plus

 maintenance detail service

  • Hand Wash Exterior

  • Clean wheels & Tires

  • Chamois Dry

  • Interior Carpets & Upholstery Vacuumed

  • Dust Interior Console & Dash

  • Shampoo floor mats

  • Silica sealer applied adding gloss and up to 2 months protection

  • Clean Glass Inside & Out

  • Shine & Protect Tires


Carpets and mats are steamed after vacuuming then extracted, leaving the carpets clean and as dry as possible. We do not use a bucket of soap and a shop vacuum to clean your interior. This method leaves carpets extremely wet and soap residue is left in the fibers. This causes the fibers to attract dirt and dust as they remain tacky. Without an extraction process, the soap and towel method simply pushes and spreads the oil and water based soils/stains around the fibers. Also, leaving your interior wet can introduce harmful molds and other allergens. Our system uses steam with only a 6% water allowance to loosen dirt and release any oil substance from the fibers. Carpets are lightly extracted using an all water rinse. This will thoroughly remove any dirt and soap, leaving the fibers clean and as dry as possible.



Detailing Packages


Interior Detailing


  • Deep Vacuum Interior Carpets, Upholstery, Floor Mats & Trunk

  • Blow out Seat tracks, Air vents & Crevices

  • Scrub all Vinyl Panels, Dashboard, Center Console    & Doors

  • Remove Interior Stains & Scuff Marks

  • Steam & Shampoo Carpets, Upholstery & Floor Mats

  • Dress all vinyl and leather

  • Polish Wood & Plastic Trim

  • Clean Inside windows

Our interior service includes shampooing of carpets and seats at no extra charge


3-4 hours


All vehicles that receive a full exterior detail are clayed. This process removes  above surface contaminants and restores a glass-smooth surface to your paint finish.  Our clay service safely removes paint overspray, fallout, environmental contaminants, and more. This aides in the bonding of the wax.


Exterior Detailing

  • Clean Rims & Tires

  • Hand Wash Exterior

  • Chamois Dry

  • Remove Tar, Pitch & Insects

  •  3 Step Process

  • 1) Clay Bar to remove bonded contaminants

  •  2) Apply Premium Machine Polish to Restore Gloss      and Condition Paint

  •  3) Apply premium Wax For Protection & Durability*

  •  Shine & Protect Tires

  •  Clean Glass Inside & Out

  • * Paint Sealant upgrade Available

3-4 hours


The exterior is polished to remove light scratches and bring out the shine. After   this step is completed we will wax your vehicle with a premium wax. You may choose to upgrade to a high quality paint sealant which will out last most waxes.

Paint sealants have an average fracture point of 364 degrees while the best waxes fracture around 165 degrees. In addition, sealants bond differently to the paint. Rather than lie down on the paint, they bond chemically. Our sealant can last up to six months with proper care.                                                                                       

Extra Options               Odor Removal

Executive Clean

Full interior & exterior detail

Our most popular service

  • Clean Rims & Tires

  • Hand Wash Exterior

  • Vacuum Interior, Carpets, Upholstery, Floor Mats & Trunk

  • Blow Out Seat Tracks, Air Vents & Crevices

  • Clean all Vinyl Panels, Dashboard, Center Console and Doors

  • Remove Interior Stains & Scuff Marks

  • Steam & Shampoo Carpets, Upholstery & Floor Mats

  • Dress all vinyl and leather surfaces

  • Polish wood & Plastic Trim

  •  3 Step Process

  •    1) Clay Bar to Remove: bonded contaminates and fallout

  •     2) Professionally machine polish to remove fine scratches and light oxidation

  •     3) Apply Premium Wax for Protection (4 to 6 months protection)

  • Door jambs cleaned

  • Shine & Protect Tires

  • Clean Glass Inside & Out

  • * Paint Sealant upgrade Available

7-8 hours


 Ultimate Detail

All the services included in the Executive detail PLUS

  • Treat Leather with Ph Balanced Premium Conditioner        

  • Apply Fabric Protection to Carpets & Upholstery

  • Premium synthetic paint sealant (6 to 12 month protection)

  • Apply Glass Treatment to windshield which will bond to glass to repel rain Lasts approximately 6 months

Signature Detail

In addition to our Executive and Ultimate Detail packages

  • Exterior will receive a decontamination wash after initial wash

  • Complete correction to your paints finish using the most complex buffing techniques and wet sanding as need. With use of Paint Thickness Gauges and our Brinkman Xenon light, all imperfections in the paint will be located and properly repaired*.

  • Interior will receive our Drive-Pur odor disinfecting and protectant service

  • Engine bay will be hand cleaned and dressed (we do not offer engine pressure washing)

  • Touch up paint will be applied (customer to supply paint)

         * surfaces will be repaired to within safe standards to prevent clear coat failure


New Car Prep

For new vehicles with less than 2000 miles


If you recently purchased a new vehicle or plan to do so you should consider protecting the paint and the interior with this package. Our New Vehicle Protection Package features our Paint Sealant to protect your new vehicles paint from environmental fallout and UV rays.


Our New Car Prep Package will also shine the surface like nothing you have ever seen!

To maintain total protection and that slick glossy look year-round you my have us reapply

this paint sealant semi-annually or annually.


Also, included with this package is our Fabric Protection for carpets and upholstery. Our

Fabric Protection is odorless and colorless and acts as an invisible barrier that surrounds

your carpets and seats fibers so a food spill cannot absorb and stain.


This service will also keep your interior cleaner longer and make routine vacuuming easier. If your vehicle has leather seats we will also condition the hides with a pH balanced leather conditioner. This will keep your seats soft and supple and make them easier to clean.


Then we will apply Aquapel windshield treatment. Aquapel Glass Treatment improves a driver's ability to see clearly and drive safer. This innovative technology is a long-lasting rain repellant


Most new car dealers charge between $800-$1000 for this package! Why pay that? Save hundreds of dollars with us and you can be sure the work and preservation of you vehicle is accomplished correctly. We specialize in black and dark colored cars


Starting at $349.00


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