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A La Carte

 Engine Cleaning ______________________________ 39.00

 Clean & Condition Leather ______________________ 85.00

 Interior Carpet Steam & Shampoo ________________ 60.00

 Interior Upholstery Steam & Shampoo ____________  60.00

 Headliner Cleaning ____________________________ quote

 Carpet & Fabric Protection* _____________________  45.00

 Smoke and Odor Removal* ______________________ 119.00

 Paint Sealant _________________________________ 89.00

 Ragtop Protection ____________________________ 125.00

 Wheel Polishing ______________________________ quote

 Headlight Restoration ____________________50.00 per light

 AquaPel Window Treatment ____________________  29.00

 Overspray Removal ___________________________  quote

 Compounding & Swirl removal ___________________ quote

 Paint Restoration _____________________________ quote

 Pin Striping __________________________________ quote

 Window Tinting ______________________________  quote

Paintless dent removal________________________ quote

   * Interior Cleaning Required Prior to this Service





Benefits of Aquapel® Glass Treatment

See Clearly

When you experience reduced vision driving in the rain, especially at night – there is a solution!

Aquapel® Glass Treatment

  • Remarkably improves vision in the rain!
  • Repels rain, snow, and sleet
  • Ice, snow, bugs and dirt are easier to remove
  • Durable, long-lasting performance
  • Innovative new technology developed by PPG Industries, Inc., leaders in glass technology

Drive Safer

  Of course the best way to see how Aquapel® Glass Treatment works is to have it applied on your windshield. Ask for Aquapel® Glass Treatment wherever your vehicle is professionally serviced.

  Whenever it’s time to renew your long-lasting Aquapel® Glass Treatment, its performance can be restored in just minutes. Once you’ve driven with Aquapel® Glass Treatment , you won’t want to drive without it.

  See Clearly. Drive Safer...today and every day with Aquapel® Glass Treatment.

  When your safety is involved, SEE CLEARLY and DRIVE SAFER.



  As the photos demonstrate, Aquapel® Glass Treatment treated glass provides clearer vision in the rain. Discover an amazingly clear view in the rain, snow, and sleet with a technology designed for your vehicle’s glass.




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